Fatcast Live at Re/Dress NYC! [Raw audio]

This is the uncut recording from our live Fatcast on May 1. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented us getting a high-quality recording, so the sound on this is… not great. It starts off kinda quiet, but once we start using the amplifier setup, it does improve a little bit.

Anyway, our apologies for the lousy sound, but we hope you dig it anyway!

3 Responses to “Fatcast Live at Re/Dress NYC! [Raw audio]”

  1. Veronica Says:

    It was fun hearing you guys in a live-with-an-audience setting! If I may give you a tip for next time; you might consider doing that thing they do on TV somtimes, where they repeat the essence of what the audience member said. That way, the people listening understand what was said even if there’s audio difficulties.

  2. Ankaret Says:

    I really enjoyed this – I love hearing from Marianne and Lesley but it was great to hear other perspectives too. Also there is a point about 23 minutes in where the sound goes and you can just hear a lot of people chanting ‘fat fat fat’ like they’re in a darkened cellar trying to summon Fat Cthulhu.

  3. Gigi Says:

    This was great to hear. As a woman who could not attend, it was nice to get to hear a group of women together and excited about supporting each other’s fat and validating each other’s experience!

    I would love to hear a podcast about being fat while having children, more about being fat in the office, how to politely (or not) respond to people who want to ask you about your health, or how you personally think being fat will affect you in the future. Do you worry about the future while being fat? – As a death-fat woman myself, I sometimes think about how to negotiate the desire to have a body I do not and to fundamentally feel more comfortable in my skin because the longer I am in my own body, the more I realize that I have the greatest knowledge of what it is capable of and when there are problems.

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