Off the rails

This is a short episode in which Marianne and I discuss our excitement for this weekend’s Fat Girl Fleamarket, and the live Fatcast happening at Re/Dress the Sunday after. We also have a case of the giggles.

I only just realized it now, but today marks one year since we started this thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FATCAST!

Links mentioned in this episode:

Fat Girl Fleamarket

Re/Dress NYC

Fatcast LIVE!


3 Responses to “Off the rails”

  1. Karen Says:

    I may not listen to this until my trip northward on Saturday, but I cannot express how excited I am for this weekend.

  2. GIgi Says:

    I wish you would discuss fat pregnancy, how women become “fat” – hot fat is treated as part of that process.

    And fat children! How women are shamed about their “fat” children and how it reflects on them.

    I am so looking forward to the live episode!

  3. Gigi Says:

    Hi, ladies,

    I just want to say how much I appreciate this podcast. I listen to it almost daily and as a recovering dieter, I feel like listening to successful articulate women helps me better locate myself in the world. As a plus-plus size strong confident woman (who has very few friends who have similar bodies) this podcast means a lot. I do not know you, but I appreciate your words, enjoy both of your blogs and respect your experiences and perspectives as fat amazing women.

    Thank you,

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