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The “Fatosphere”

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

This is a “mini” episode in which Marianne and I attempt to “briefly” discuss the “Fatosphere” as concept and reality. Also, I use many “scare quotes” but because this is audio, you cannot “see” them.

The likelihood of our keeping up an every-three-days schedule is pretty slim, so this isn’t really Episode 2. That will come early next week. We have a short list of topics we’d like to cover in upcoming podcasts, but if there’s a particular subject you’d like us to tackle in the future, let us know in comments.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Notes From the Fatosphere feed

A Different Kind of Fat Rant: People of Color and the Fat Acceptance Movement, by Tara Shuai, March 21, 2008

Why Intersectionality Matters (a followup post to the above), by Tara Shuai, March 24, 2008

The music used in this episode was by Alo Django.


Monday, April 26th, 2010

Hello and welcome, friends and fats, to Fatcast, what we hope will become a regular series of informal conversations about fat acceptance and body politics between Lesley Kinzel and Marianne Kirby. The subject of this first episode is exposure and being a public fatty, and we think it turned out pretty darn swell for a first effort (I am still getting the sound-editing thing down, as I’ve never done this before, but I expect to get better at it as we go.)

So why are we podcasting?

Marianne:  Lesley, why are we doing this?

Other than because we get to say fuck a lot?
Lesley:  I think we are doing this because you and I have a history of protracted and intense conversations about fat politics. And I know I typically have some great revelations/ideas from talking to you.
And we’re also inveterate talkers.
Also: I have always wanted a podcast of my very own.
Marianne:  AS HAVE I. It’s like a perfect storm of reasons.
Also, I think bringing fat topics to various forms of interactive media is important in its own right.
People respond to different formats and I don’t want someone who doesn’t read blogs to not ever be exposed to FA just because we are comfortable writing things down.
Lesley:  Indeed. There are very few fat-related podcasts. Or social-justice-related podcasts in general, comparatively speaking.
Marianne:  I would ask why you think that is, but then we’d never wrap up our line of reasoning.
Oh, oh, can we say we are doing this because our fat cannot be contained by one outlet alone?
Lesley:  Yes. Our fat is mighty and will soon dominate the eart.
The eart too.
Links we mention in this episode:

Lesley’s Newsweek article on childhood obesity (avoid comments)

Lesley’s profile in the Boston Globe (again, avoid comments)

Marianne on Nightline Face-off (just always avoid comments, okay?)

Recap of Marianne’s appearance on Dr. Phil

Picture from the fats convention under the Botero “Eve” sculpture in the shops at Columbus Circle, NYC

Redress NYC

Lessons From the Fatosphere on

The music used in this episode was by Revolution Void.

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