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Gratuitious Cleavage (The Bra Episode)

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Following Lane Bryant’s Twitter dramaz, one of the more common expressions of dismay we’ve both personally felt and heard was, yeah, sure, I hate Lane Bryant, but where the hell else am I going to find affordable and comfy bras? Both bra-shopping and bra-wearing are fraught — FRAUGHT! — with horrors and frustrations. Today we’re talking boobs, and bras, and underthings.


My take on the LB dramaz, on

Marianne’s two posts on the subject, pre-apology and post-apology.

Apparently I neglected to take any notes during this recording, and I can’t remember if there were any other links I promised here. Let me know if so.

The music heard in this episode is by Dazie Mae.