Love and Other Indoor Sports, Part Two

Also known as the Sexy Fatcast About Sexy Sexytimes Sex. We answer listener questions in our inimitable way. This is probably our least-worksafe episode ever. You were warned. Seriously, wear headphones. Then it’ll be like we’re shouting filthy things directly into your brain!

The music heard in this episode is by Scott Joplin.

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  1. Wacky Lisa Says:

    I loved this series of episodes.
    I was wondering what the name of the burial practices in the US documentary? Netflix need more search options.

    Finally I want to let you know about this post on Sexis Magazine.
    A few people have found it offensive, myself included. This shows how important episodes like these are.

  2. Maize Says:

    This is a great, fun episode. 🙂 I totally agree with affirming for people that kinky sex is okay and doesn’t make you a bad person. I’d like to see some love (or at least, affirmation) for vanilla sex also. In a lot of communities, there’s a strong idea that people who are into vanilla sex, or at least aren’t into anything that falls on the spectrum that person doing the talking calls “kinky”, then you’re automatically closed-minded and boring. I mean, even just now on the podcast, the whole, “It’s easy for fat people to have totally dull, boring vanilla sex,” phrase was tossed out without any kind of comment or disclaimer (which is only a contrast since you’re both so careful about how it’s okay to like what you like in all other respects). I think there are a lot of people who fall entirely on the “vanilla” spectrum who have tried lots of other things and are totally open-minded about them and have tried lots of things and have found that they either didn’t get them off or were bad for them for some other reason, and I find that in a lot of communities, those people can take a lot of flack very casually, possibly even unintentionally, by way of casual dismissal and put-downs that people just haven’t thought about.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Again, I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I hate to admit that at the age of 22 I still get overly giggly and shy about the subject of sex, but it is so representative of my experience level and knowledge. As someone who has not been in committed relationships, I find it hard to even allow myself to discuss or engage in this topic largely because I had always thought that other people would think “Ew, gross, fat people sex.” This fear has hindered my ability to believe that a person could be attracted to me in this way, and I largely did go to the assumption that something is “wrong” with this person. I’m glad I listened to this podcast. Maybe the idea can sink into my brain, and I won’t let fear rule my life, which is really ridiculous when I begin analyzing its effects.

    Enough rambling, thanks for the topic discussion :).

  4. tigi Says:

    Ok I finally got to listen to this today and I love love love this series. AND! On a slight tangent based off of something that came up — I agree that the terms for, ahem, ladies doing it for themselves are not as fun as the terms for male masturbation (p.s. I totally remember that Rocko’s Modern Life episode. And do you remember that the name of the fast food restaurant was “Chokey Chicken?” Even at 11 I was charmed by the audacity!) I feel the same way about most sexual terms. They just are more FUN for the menfolk. Like boner. It sounds a wee bit too precious for me to say “I am aroused” or “turned-on” by something, but way more fun to say “I have a total boner.” It’s a fun and funny word and sex should be fun. And generally is funny.

    As for the being-on-top issue, I guess my general view is that if someone is offended by my jiggly parts as I’m on top of them while we are doing the deed then, well, they can go fuck themselves, instead. It’s kinda like all those douchebaggy guys who go around preemptively rejecting fat girls — my question is, what makes them think I’d be attracted to them, in the first place?

  5. paperkingdoms Says:

    Because I thought it was where you were going when you suggested that being dressed might be a baby step along the way to being comfortable on top, blindfolds are also an option. [Again, it’d be sad if it were an always and forever the only way you were comfortable thing, but can be fun and if it works, it works.]

  6. Ankaret Says:

    Thank you for this! It really *was* just like having you shout filthy things directly into my brain!

    Also, I need to take on board what you were saying about not making blanket condemnations of fetishists. I have to admit, I’ve made some sweeping remarks about fetishists in the past. The problem is that while I know there are respectful, honest kinksters out there – heck, I count several of them as my friends – I also hang out on a board for people with long hair, and the fetishists who show up there are like horseflies in Scotland – they keep showing up and they keep zoning in on people who have no interest in providing them with what they want and no matter what anyone does (and the board mods do a good job!) they won’t go away. It’s like they just can’t fathom the idea that a mostly female community could get together to talk about shampoo and hair sticks and not want to stop doing that and cater to their sexual preferences, and it’s put me off fetishists in a big way. But I should remember to say ‘clueless overentitled fetishists’ when I mean ‘clueless overentitled fetishists’ and not just assume all fetishists are that way.

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