Going into the closet.

We meant to record a mini-episode about closet organization, we really did. But it got out of hand.

Links mentioned in this episode:

We’ve got a great big convoy!

What are RFIDS?

Chub rub solutions

What are teggings?

Marianne’s shoe inventory

The music heard in this episode is by Dazie Mae.

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  1. grumphis Says:

    i used to have too many clothes!
    we decided to move across country last year though, so i donated about 3/4 of my closet to the local second-hand store (i am excited at the thought of all my “professional” clothes going to some fat lady who really needs them) and packed up what remained in a duffel bag. it was a really hard process because i like to think of myself as a sort of fashionable fatty. i kind of miss some of my stuff but then i look at the closet which only has the things i love now and i feel smug. i can squish all my dresses (and my boyfriend’s suits and shirts) to the side and i have half a closet remaining. so i know you sort through your clothes and edit out the things you have not been wearing and i say do what makes you comfortable, but my brain benefited from deciding that the things that i have are less important than the time i could use not thinking about things.

  2. Deb Says:

    The 1973 oil crisis caused Congress to set the speed limit on the interstate highway system at 55 mph in 1974. The idea was that lower speeds would save gas. The speed limit was widely ignored so enforcement was stepped up. The market for CBs expanded because it was a way to keep an eye out for the Smokeys (as in Smokey the Bear, as in The Man).

    Truckers in particular were losing money because of the speed limit and the tickets for speeding.

    “Convoy” was a protest song, done in the typical mode of country music protest songs, i.e., parody. (See e.g., Harper Valley PTA and Loretta Lynn’s One’s On the Way).

    In 1975 I was entering my senior year of high school in rural Ohio and I can tell you that everyone knew Convoy. It was the jam, yo.

    I feel like I just did a The More You Know, but in case you didn’t know this, it’s kinda interesting.

  3. JonelB Says:

    Shoe storage?
    FLOOR. It’s really the largest shelf in the house. At home I have…two wire things to put all of them on, but at my dorm there’s not enough space. I just keep them in rows at the end of my bed.
    One thing you can re-purpose, though, is those clear-pocket shoe organizers, they’re great for either jewelry or holding tech cables/small parts. Nice, cheap organization. I had a shoe-organizer once but my shoes are kinda big for it.

  4. car Says:

    Not sure about all the skirt lengths, but one way to make more hanging space might be to hang a second rod below the first if the skirts are short enough. We did this with my kids and their wee clothes. Bought a 3/4″ round wooden dowel and some clothesline rope, cut the dowel to about 2 feet long, then hung the dowel from the actual clothes rod in the closet using the rope on both ends. Hard to describe in words rather than pictures, but it made the closet have half on one side with one tall rod for long clothes, and then the other half had a top rod and a bottom rod that both fit kids’ shirts (and might fit short skirts).

  5. paperkingdoms Says:

    For shoes that fit in those plastic shoebox sized boxes, those boxes then fit reasonably nicely on standard cheapie Target bookshelves.

    I’ve also become a fan of the assembles-into-square-cubbies plastic/wire shelving sorts of things.

  6. arcane_scholar Says:

    I LOVE your viking helmet Marianne. I tend to wear things on my head, though I doubt I’m as adorable as you are!

    OMG! I’m with you on the shortness Marianne. I do the /same thing/ and if I can feel my ass on the seat, I totally am uncomfortable with that.

    The chub rub link just gives me a blank page. I’m not a member of the community, though I do have an LJ account.

    You so remind me of Clueless with your clothes Marianne.

    Y’all have kind of inspired me to start trying to put together a style. I’ve never been much of a “clothes” person; however, I’ve come to realize as late that MUCH of my disdain is due to inaccessibility. I come from a tiny town and the only options were like Lane Bryant and a place called Catos. Unfortunately, my Grams never had money to buy clothes and much of the stuff I owned came from hand-me-downs or were from Walmart in the way of men’s t-shirts and draw-string pants/sweatpants. Being a size 30, my options are really, really limited.

    I’m not cisgendered, and thus my tastes tend to be more on the masculine side. I’ve tried big and tall stores (though my legs are very short), but the clothes never fit correctly because I big boobs and you know, hips, and stuff. I’m not opposed to dresses, and will check out some of the sites you have. I love like vests, and sweater vests, and suspenders (bracers). Anyway, I’ll stop myself before I get all rambly. What I want to ask is, do y’all know of any sites which offers more “butch”-like fatshions?

  7. arcane_scholar Says:

    I don’t think I used cisgender right. I’d edit and take it out, but I don’t seem to be able to. I just wanted to mention that. Sorry. I’m still learning vocabulary and I apologize for being offensive during my bumbling time. I promise to do better in the future.

  8. evann Says:

    Love your podcasts! I have a solution for tights storage/identification. I keep all of my tights in labeled sandwich baggies. I write whatever info on the tag i need, but can’t tell from looking at it: size, color (if navy or black), and pattern. this protects the tights from getting snagged or tangled, and it’s easy to scan through your drawer to find what you need.

  9. Kathy Says:

    I hoard clothes, being old enough and from the midwest when there was no choice on clothes. Even jeans went from regular denim to this weird blue fabric shot through with white thread when they got to size 14. Tops went to polyester florals-hideous! Also, I was a really poor kid for years so I had little choice. It was traumatizing.
    I would recommend a big bookshelf with either baskets to pull out to put collections of items in (scarves, what have you), or if you can stuff your shirts in there, do that.
    I highly recommend putting your bed up on risers and putting those plastic bins under there that pull out. It gives you tons of space! I use luggage to store winter/summer clothes.
    I like MIB for certain clothes, not pants, ever since a pair “popped” in a bizarre fashion and then started to RUN, leaving me with an assless chaps/cobweb effect over my ass, fun for you punk types, not so great at a STATE JOB in the middle of the day. Also, Avenue, Ulla Popken for certain dresses, not the odd flounced numbers (what IS it with flounces? sheesh).

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