Minisode: Goth Memories

Before and after every recording, Marianne and I talk for at least as long as the resulting podcast (often longer), and sometimes these scattered conversations are also interesting in themselves. Here is a short snippet (i.e. “minisode”!) of Marianne and I discussing our goth pasts and the fatshion challenges we faced.

The music heard in this minisode is by Hungry Lucy.

5 Responses to “Minisode: Goth Memories”

  1. Kate Says:

    awww! yay goths!

  2. The Rotund Says:

    Hungry Lucy!

    *goes to dig out cd*

  3. Shannon Says:

    DUDE those were Funhouse. I had eleventy billion of them. Oh how I miss those they were my summer staple for years and years.

  4. firefey Says:

    funhouse or morbid threads? i thought morbid was the one putting out the flowy ultragoth ren/marie antionette inspired miles of acetate. i remember being 17 and coveting those, but not being able to justify the $100 price tag. but i found myself nodding along to most of this cast, cause i had a lot of the same revelations as i got into goth. and still end up running into some of the smartest, most awesome, occationally super socially aware folks in the goth scene. and they get my love of many things creepy… so that helps.

  5. [Meta] Say Hi. « Two Whole Cakes Says:

    […] these moments of recognition are especially precious, as it’s so easy to feel alone. In my goth days I cultivated the ability to spot goths (or other music-based subculturals) even out of goth attire […]

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