Fatshion! Part 2 (i.e., Turn to the right.)

This here is part two of our extensively longwinded conversation about plus sizes and fatshion, in which we have some more specific thoughts about class and access as they relate to clothing a plus-sized body. Also: Igigi may or may not be overrated, and Marianne wants to discuss America’s Next Top Model.

Yes, this is another long one. We promise to try to keep them to an hour henceforth.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Childhood obesity article, mostly here for the picture and caption

Crystal Renn’s memoir, Hungry

Definatalie.com: You Can’t Bully Me Out of My Skinny Jeans, and Tights are Tights


Fatness and Uplift: Not a Post about Push Up Bras

Steel Toe Studios

V Magazine’s Size Issue

America’s Next Top Model

Skinny Jeans Tutorial

The music heard in this episode is by Musetta.

12 Responses to “Fatshion! Part 2 (i.e., Turn to the right.)”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Re: I-zhi-zhi. I pronounce it with a hard G because I’m Australian and I can’t deal with soft Gs. LOL. I think that’s why we sound a bit ocker and uncultured. So when people hear me say “EE-GIGGY” I’m totally aware of how silly I sound, haha!

    Thanks for the shout out, it feels good to be part of this community.

    (I don’t think you guys have officially linked this from anywhere yet, but I got the pingback on my blog and had to listen!)

  2. The Rotund Says:

    I use the soft Gs primarily because it cracks my shit right up. And I am glad a) you listened and b) that you are part of this community, too. Not necessarily in that order. Though not in any particular order. Right.

  3. Kristin Says:


    I just wanted to say thanks for doing this podcast project! I am finding the podcasts are yet another way to shield myself from body shame. Like, the first Fatshion episode? I’d just had a day like one described by Marianne – all day spent trying to find a damn suit that was a) trendyish and b) affordable for my size 22 self. No dice. Ended up in separates.

    But the fact that I can just flip on a podcast and hear people talking about my experience – it means a lot. Some days more than others, you know?

  4. paperkingdoms Says:

    My Suit Shopping day was hideous, too. I’m still flabbergasted that I found what I found [2 awesome suits] where I found them [Lord and Taylor clearance for 1/4 of the original price–which was all that made them possible]. And then looking for things to go *under* them, because apparently they’ve all but stopped making that shit. And just the panic of *not* being able to walk into Anne Taylor and find something [which seems to have been the default for the other women I’ve known who’ve done the suit thing recently]. Because it’s nice that they’ve got in-betweenie sizes now, but they don’t have *my* size.

  5. LaShaundra Says:

    ooh you mean Stylista on CW (the show about the fashion magazine). I do believe Tyra was the producer or something. That show was pretty horrible.

  6. withoutscene Says:

    Can I just say that you all can ramble on as long as you damn well please. I actually really enjoy the longer episodes. I put them on while I’m cleaning on the weekends and it’s magical. Keep it up.

  7. Roxarita Says:

    I love these Podcasts. No luck finding the skinny jeans tutorial?

  8. Lesley Says:

    Alas, no — I should sic Marianne on that link, she sometimes has success where I fail!

  9. TheRotund Says:

    Skinny jeans tute link!


  10. Katryn Says:

    I love these! I’ve spent all evening listening to all of the podcasts. This one especially resonated for me because of the discussion of affordability. Like 90% of my wardrobe comes from Old Navy because that’s what I can afford (that’s not way too young or polyester). I love a lot of the things at eShakti and a few other online retailers, but can’t really afford to spend $60+ on a dress that I might wear once a month.

    That said, our options have definitely gotten better over the years. About 10 years ago, I lived in Harlem and the only store in my neighborhood that carried clothes in my size was Ashley Stewart, where I almost never found anything I could wear because it was 1) too expensive, 2) made from horrible fabrics, and 3) carried mostly colors that looked terrible on me (a pasty redhead).

    Finally, Lesley’s comments about hoarding belts really cracked me up, because I had the same feelings when flat shoes became popular. For my entire adult life it had been nearly impossible for me (a size 11 narrow) to find work-appropriate shoes that weren’t heels (which I cannot stand), so I for a couple of years I bought every business-appropriate pair I could find. The result being that I have a ridiculous number of cheap, ugly flats that don’t fit well and I never wear, but am afraid to get rid of in anticipation of a return to the heels-only culture of yesteryear.

  11. living400lbs Says:

    My current “suit’ is a navy blazer I got at Catherine’s for $12, on sale, and black or navy slacks with a white shell.

    The interview suit I had when I graduated college was a size 22 from Penney’s. Yay, Penney’s. That suit gave me the confidence to interview at Microsoft and Boeing, hallelujah.

  12. Cuteaholic Says:

    I have a question…since fat clothing is so hard to find, why doesn’t anyone ever try to make their own clothes? Pants might be tricky, but tops and skirts are fairly easy to make once you have some practice.

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