We like food.

The title says it all, I think.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Re Chitlins: My friend lived in Libya for years, then moved to California. I often helped her make a very difficult dish (took 8 hours to prepare and cook), which included lamb intestines to be stuffed with offal and rice and spices. A good way to clean intestines is to wash them with Dawn dishwashing soap and to turn it inside and out and examine it closely and cut every little suspicious speck off. It is delicious once completed, but boy, chitlins just doesn’t sound so good as this dish. Maybe it’s the couscous and the stuffing in the Libyan dish that helps immensely.
    Then again, I don’t eat pork, so perhaps I would like chitlins of another animal.
    Fun to hear the food likes and experiences!

  2. burrburr Says:

    17 minutes listening to this, and I had to stop and make a snack!
    (jasmine and wild rice, black beans, & cheesy garlic corn muffins)

  3. CollieMom01 Says:

    What I find really interesting is how much my tastes are changing as I age. (I’m now well into my 40’s) My husband used to say that cake was just a tool used to get the frosting into my mouth, and he was right. I mean, what’s the point of eating cake without frosting? And, in fact, I used to cut my piece of cake width wise from under the frosting to about half way down the cake, because that seemed to have the proper ratio of frosting vs. cake, and my husband would eat the bottom part sans any frosting at all. I still love good butter cream frosting, but now I can only eat so much before I’m done–it’s like it’s too sweet; words that have never been in my vocabulary. Ever. As for favorite foods, anything Italian works for me! Creamed veggies–yuck!!!. My mom spoiled my adventurous spirit as a kid with creamed peas. Even the idea of creamed peas makes my skin crawl.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Yay! Another fatcast is up – this totally makes my day.

  5. JessDR Says:

    I picked brussels sprouts & steak too! (Although prime rib vs. steak is a pretty tough call…) My 3rd would be extremely good bread. Although my fettuccine with lobster, brown butter & sage is pretty damn fantastic too…

    Re: sucking at pasty, I’m not sure if she’s still teaching, but I learned from Leslie Wolf in Belmont MA. Brilliant class: she accommodated both the “I just want to end up with something tasty” crowd and my incessant geeky questions.

  6. Rebecca - The Plus Side of Me Says:

    In North Carolina we have Livermush, which I just looked up on Wikipedia and immediately regretted the decision.


    I’m going to work on editing that out of my memory, so I can enjoy its deliciousness once again.

    As for my favorite foods, they’re all my “special” dinner foods that I don’t get very often: eggplant parmesan, spaghetti with meat sauce, and souvlaki on pita with tzatziki sauce. Mmm, is it dinner time yet?

  7. Paola Says:

    After listening to this, I just HAD to make chicken and dumplings, which Iร‚ยดd never had before.
    Delicious! They were everything I thought they would be!

  8. Allison Says:

    So are ya going to tell us what you do to brussel sprouts? I was waiting for that… ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. CTJen Says:

    Great show, you guys! I was listening on the way home from my sister’s and had to stop and get something to eat! Also, I need to find a good gluten free recipe for chicken and dumplings. Damn. Lastly, Lesly, I’m not sure what part of CT you go through on your way to NYC but there is a pretty damn good Cuban food place near me if you’re desperate for a Cuban Sandwich fix. Please don’t hesitate to email me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Imbrium Says:

    So, wait…are you going to give us the recipe for pudding pops? Please? I miss them so much….

  11. Whir Says:

    Vegetarian weighing in to say that yes, the thought of no more bacon was the one thing that gave me pause when I decided to go off meat. I don’t miss it so much these days (if I wanted it that much, I’d go ahead and have it), but I will admit that it does smell good.

  12. RachelB Says:

    Great episode! Chiming in late with three favorites: polenta with roasted peppers, fennel, and garlic (or mushrooms and sage, if it’s winter), stir-fried vegetables (whatever is good at the moment, with copious ginger, garlic, and almonds, cooked in a nice hot pan), and– though it pains me to leave ice cream off the list– sour cherries, which are only available here for about two weeks (during which I will buy and freeze approximately 20 pounds of them for use in clafouti, compote, chutney, whatnot).

    I’m a vegetarian for whom sausage was the sticking point– Italian sausage, kielbasa, grilled bratwurst that was precooked in beer with butter and onions, chorizo. (I’m just finally starting to find some good veggie approximations.) That, and my dad’s meatloaf, which had copious garlic and onion therein and a layer of A1 on top…

    And I am also the anti-pastry. Which, since The Partner’s mom is an excellent maker of pie, leads to some unhappiness in this household.

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