Rampant Consumerism!

We’re tackling #dittowatch, communal shopping, and international fattery, all in one spectacular episode!

Oh, and that fucking zig-zag dress is sold out. For reals.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Real live #dittowatch action

A poignant tweet!

Pocket Rocket’s dressing-room review

Boombands dressing-room review

The Fat Girl Flea Market website seems to be MIA. Here is a Facebook page instead.

Re/Dress NYC

FatDialogue.com, the online companion to the Australian Fat Studies conference

Charlotte Cooper’s Obesity Timebomb (also the Big Bum Jumble)

Fat and the Academy at Smith College (2006)

The impending Australian fatcast!

The music heard in this episode is by NSA.

16 Responses to “Rampant Consumerism!”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I have been too busy to keep up with these but I just listened to this one today and couldn’t stop GIGGLING. I think if we ever hung out I’d be frozen with laughter the whole time and not contributing anything but snorts!

  2. Living 400lbs Says:

    Twentysome minutes into this fatcast I ordered the floral leggings.

    I just had to toss that out there.

    Re: social shopping with friends, back when Seattle HAD a couple boutiques which carried from size 14 up to supersizes I DID go shopping with a fat friend. But after those closed down and I was still wearing bigger-than-size 24, well, we invaded Casual Male a few times, but that was about that.

  3. JonelB Says:

    So….I labored somewhat.
    To get you this.
    But you should like it:
    It’s only 2 seconds, so it should make a very nice ringtone or if you like, you could pull up a folder of little mp3 files into an album on your itunes to play when you feel that you need certain sound effects.
    “Was she a great big fat person?”

  4. The Rotund Says:


    Seriously, this is my new super special ring tone for Lesley as soon as I get home so I can download it. AMAZINGSAUCE.

  5. ariel Says:

    I want to have you two over and serve cakes and tea. This was amazing.

  6. Veronica Says:

    I really liked this one! I thought it was a really good amount of fun and serious. And it’s really nice to listen to someone talking about fat shopping who actually get what it’s like! I sometimes try to explain to straight sized friends and family, and some of them get it, but they don’t know what it feels like.
    Also, FashionOverdose went under? But the website is still up (fashionoverdose.com), are they still active online?

  7. Michelle Says:

    So funny that you guys talked about Buffalo Bill’s victim as a small fat girl. I remember when I first saw that movie and they showed the pictures of her (before we saw her “in person”) and I thought “wait she is supposed to be a huge fattie?” Ha! Love it.

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  9. Sarah Says:

    I have to tell you…for how difficult it might be to find clothing you like in the US, as you prob well know it is a comparative Mecca. I’ve often thought that if I had a single entrepreneurial bone in my body I could get rich as a travel agent arranging plus-sized shopping junkets catered to European women.

    The lack of plus-sized clothing options for both men and women where I am (Lisbon, Portugal) is painful. All clothing, in every size, is already too expensive here where most people make $700 a month, but plus sized clothing is a combination of overpriced and almost non-existent.

    Office culture here dictates a very specific kind of conservative/classic look that sort of straddles the line between suits and corporate casual. I’m convinced that this look does not exist in plus size here.

    I was at a parent meeting at my daughter’s school last week, where we had all just come from work. There was one mom in the class in a black t-shirt and black leggings…both many too sizes too small. Her stomach was poking out the bottom of the shirt and the leggings were stretched so thin you could see things I’m sure she had no intention of revealing. (Oh, and add to the dignity of the situation, we were all sitting on tiny toddler chairs.)

    With the importance placed on appearance (and age and skin color), I have no idea how fat people manage to find jobs in the first place, when just finding something to wear every day (much less paying for it) is so difficult.

    In the six years between the first time I came here, til’ moving here the population is getting very noticably larger. Clothing is definitely not.

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  11. Barry Deutsch Says:

    Not to nag you or anything, but when is there going to be another HUGE episode? The season’s over, but I won’t really feel closure until I hear you two talk about the season ender (and the season as a whole) for an hour!

    Please please pretty-please?

  12. cutselvage Says:

    I looooooved this podcast – hearing you guys talk about fat acceptance in Australia and made me feel stupidly warm and fuzzy.

    Your rambling podcast is basically my favourite thing ever.

  13. Katryn Says:

    I think the word you were looking for is “camaraderie” 😉

  14. Frances Says:

    It was Pippa of Runway Revolution (@curvesmart) who started #dittowatch.

  15. withoutscene Says:

    The other conference that has more and more fat studies every year is the National Women’s Studies Association conference. This year there are at least 4 panels that are Fat Studies panels and other papers that are peppered throughout.

    Also, yes–Sheana, who organized Fat and the Academy, is brilliant and awesome.

    PCA does have activists/non-academics in the Fat Studies section, Eileen Rosensteel did part of her Fat Ladies performance, Lesleigh Owen performed poetry, Jay Solomon did a presentation on South Park, and Kari Peterson did a very personal presentation on fat lived experience.

    And at NWSA we would really like to have a pre-conference for fat activism and/or include more activist presentations/performances. (And fwiw, as far as I know, anyone can put together an NWSA panel and submit it for approval).

    Part of the problem with these conferences is that they are often not very accessible to non-academics/non-members/people who don’t get funding to go. Though a PCA guest pass is $50 and it tends to all be in one room, so you could crash it without it really being obvious.

    Also, you have me thinking about the utility of filming the NWSA panels…though I don’t own a camera or really have an immediate way to pull that off in a city where I don’t live…but my wheels are turning.

  16. Tic, toc Says:

    Ummm, when is the podcast coming back? It seems the intervals get longer and longer… Wish they were still weekly!

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