HUGE-ISODE, The Revenge

Are you interested in the last TV show Marianne liked? Well, you’re going to hear about it anyway. In this episode we talk about “Movie Night”, shirtless boys, our difficult relationship with Chloe, and Poppy’s revelation.

This is essentially raw audio, as I’ve been so busy this week that editing has taken a backseat, but I didn’t want to hold back on releasing this any longer.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Paul Dooley’s (AKA Salty Dad) fascinating career

A whale in a bikini

American Gothic, on Hulu



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  2. Laruchka Says:

    S’Nalt is hilarious! (I Googled “snalt” last week and found out things about chameleon/uromastyx care I had not reckoned on…)

  3. Jackie Says:

    On a personal note,
    Isn’t it possible that Amber’s need to fit in and not make waves relates to her lack of class privilege and possible traumatic childhood? Even though she is attractive and is coming into knowledge of the privilege that will bring her, if she’s grown up in a lower economic background/maybe substance abuse with her parents (that’s the vibe I get it–its sounds like she’s way too close to her mom, like a kid of an addict would be). I think that the ability to say ‘fuck you’ to the world can come easier to those who are comfortable in other aspects of their lives/social position more generally. All the ‘fuck you kids’ at my college were from white middle-class families and had parents to ask for money/help/etc… If I fucked up I had only myself to fall back on…That makes you want to never stand out.

  4. Scott Says:

    Marianne, I like officially love you for dying over the ghost tribunal. I’ve been laughing about that all week, I just keep realising that “ghost tribunal” is the most hilarious sequence of words that even exists in my head and I instinctively say it out loud and start laughing, freaking everyone in the vicinity out entirely.

  5. Veronica Says:

    Am I really the only one who finds Becca’s actions really problematic? I mean, in the first episode she ratted out Will, and in the fourth episode she read her journal. I too relate to Becca in a major (nerdy) way, but that’s just not cool.

  6. Swellanor Says:

    OK- Marianne’s final “Team Wayne” cheer moves me to make a confession: I had an extremely hot sex dream involving Wayne last week!

    I like Wayne, but clearly my subconscious luurrvvves Wayne!

  7. Marley Says:

    I adore your podcasts. Seriously. But I still think Marianne has huge (ha!) competition from Trent in being the captain of Team Ian.

  8. Amanda Marie Says:

    (In the middle of listening …) Hey Marianne, watch Farscape. =P

  9. car Says:

    I just listened to the podcast, and then went to Hulu to watch last night’s episode and found this: clip – it looks like they are prepping for the glam shot you were both bemoaning the lack of, yet they do not show the composed glam shot. 🙁 But maybe there is one out there somewhere!

  10. Kristie Says:

    No, do NOT put off Farscape!! It is only the most awesome sci fi show (predating BSG, which was also awesome) EVER. Brilliant and funny. You have to watch it. We’ve been rewatching it, too, Lesley, and are coming to the end. I’m going to be sad all over again.

  11. Swellanor Says:

    Ooh! The first episode of Huge is back up on Hulu! If you missed it the first time, now’s your chance!

  12. Sarah T Says:

    Hey, Amanda Marie, are you me in disguise? Because I thought (and came here to say) the exact same thing, also mid-listen ;-D

  13. Quisp Says:

    I listened to two FatCast HUGE-isodes in the car yesterday, and just watched last night’s episode of Huge on Hulu. I kept thinking, “I can’t wait to hear what Lesley and Marianne thought of this!”

  14. Sarah T Says:

    Okay, another comment while I’m still midway through! But I just had to say, re Wayne, that for random trivia lovers, the BBC’s QI programme hosted by Stephen Fry is hard to beat. Not sure if it’s shown in the US as yet, but Youtube should have some good examples…

  15. Kristin Says:

    Marianne! I, too, was obsessed with American Gothic. I’ve never met anyone else IRL who has even heard of it. It’s on Netflix instant, for those of you who want to check it out.

  16. Regina T Says:

    Here’s something that I have been pondering since the show began, and would like your take on it……

    How much of the actor’s own body shame/fat discrimination is the actor either:
    a) Having to overcome to play this role and the many cringeworthy parts they have to play (i.e. going shirtless, wearing swimsuits, eating in public, etc.) and
    b) Does not have a negative body image because they have either great parents, good self esteem, or reconciled psychologically on their own?

    These are questions I have floating around in my head because, as a fat person, I’ve had to contend with it for 44 years. It’s hard enough being a teen (and most of these actors ARE teens right now) but add to already existant teen angst the obesity shaming done by everyone in the media, and body image often takes a nosedive. So…do you think it IS a factor or an experience they use to realistically portray the characters in the show? Or, how much of their own experience being fat in the real world do they draw on for this show? My hunch is their own experiences plays a big role in how they portray their character, but how much and what has changed for them since doing this show?

  17. Heather Says:

    @Regina T, I think about that a lot too — I hope the show is a HUGE success and goes on for several seasons and we get lots of interviews and eventual memoirs from the actors about being fat kids playing fat kids on a Fabulous Fat Show during the dark ages of fat-hating and “obesity epidemics”!!

    The show and characters are so realistic, I tend to forget that the actors aren’t just playing themselves. Especially Ian, Dante, Chloe, and Alistair. A lot of their scenes seem almost like improv. (Will, Amber, and Becca seem more “written” somehow… I wonder if they’re more closely based on on characters in the book?)

  18. Michelle Says:

    Marianne, seriously, watch “Farscape”. Aeryn! That is all.

  19. Michelle Says:

    PS, my boyfriend and I only watch the RiffTrax with “Twilight” and “New Moon”….it’s the only way we would ever watch those films. RiffTrax are the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    I am showing way too much geek in this thread. I am done now.

  20. arcane_scholar Says:

    You know, I’m not really into Farscape. :/ I watched to like season 4. I liked it at first, but then I just couldn’t do it anymore. Once Zhaan was gone and stuff, I was just disgusted.

    @Veronica I’m with you. I love Becca’s nerdiness, yet she is turning into a character that I’m very suspicious of.

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