Self Care/Taking Care Of Yourself

After a two year — uh — hiatus, we’re happy to present almost two hours of hot new Fatcast action! (YES, featuring my charming lisp and multitudinous “y’know”s!)

In this episode, Marianne and I discuss how incredibly difficult it can be to take care of yourself, and it’s a little less upbeat than we planned. Subjects covered include “fitnessing,” feeding ourselves, setting boundaries, getting medical care, and developing a personal style. Also we agree that HILLS ARE TERRIBLE.


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  1. Ankaret Wells Says:


    I just scared the cat from the room by making a noise like an overexcited tea-kettle.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Thank you guys so much! I’m so happy you guys are doing this again. Please keep it up:)

  3. Jackie M. Says:

    Re: the comment halfway through podcast about the kind of harassment thinner women receive: I got a LOT of malicious drive-by comments and cowcalling as a chubby (but really, in retrospect, not even very chubby) teenager. But as an adult woman who’s roller-coastered dramatically and repeatedly between 150 lbs and 235 lbs during the past 20 years, I HAVE experienced the kind of harassment skinny women get.

    And while I would still rather be a 25 year-old getting catcalled at 170 lbs than a 13 year-old getting spitballs and malicious comments at 160 lbs, the kind of street harassment I received as a “vaguely-sexy” adult woman had such a frightening edge of persistence and promised sexual violence to it, that I actually PREFER being a middle aged in-between/fat woman. Because it seems so much safer.

    Right now I can walk or jog down a street in my size 20 jeans or jogging sweats in the middle of the night. And while there is still some danger of being mugged, the whole threat of IMMINENT RAPE is simply not present. It’s almost like having a taste of male privilege, and it’s such a goddamn relief.

    See also, what Hillary Monahan wrote today about street harassment and losing weight:

    …basically, it’s the same “can’t win for losing” thing all over again. Apparently there are precious few body weights and appearances you can have as a woman without risking an awful experience for daring to appear in public.

  4. Lisa M Says:

    very enjoyable! This was my first opportunity to hear you having a discussion, and it was a lot of fun. So many topics – so true in so many ways for me! Especially the robe silliness at the Dr. – I think I’ll start taking the sitting naked, because I feel the same way – if they aren’t used to seeing naked bodies of all shapes, ages etc by now – they’re probably in the wrong profession. And why the hell should I subject myself to the impossible wrestling match into and out of a robe that doesn’t fit me?
    I hope you’ll continue with more podcasts! In the meantime, I’ll check out the archive.

  5. Chelsi Says:

    More Fatcast please! I love reading both of you on XOJane, but I’ve missed your podcasts!

    As always, this entire talk was a “somebody understands!” moment for me. I so appreciate all the work you both do, your bravery and determination is helping me so much. Thank you. 🙂

  6. Jackie M. Says:

    So, the X-ray robe story is awesome. But that (and the BP cuffs) made me think of my Mom, who doesn’t want to travel by airplane anymore, because sometimes they don’t have the seatbelt extenders, because it’s humiliating. Now I’m wondering what other unpleasant surprises are out there for fat people to trip on? What other kinds of accommodations can they ask for, that they might not realize they can request? And are there situations where you can prep for in advance by bringing your own robe?

  7. Robyn Says:


  8. Meggie Says:

    Jeez, Marianne, hit the nail on it’s perfectionist head, why don’t you?

    Love you guys and so happy to hear your voices!

  9. Rosie M Says:

    OMG, I almost lost my mind when I saw that there was a new episode of Fatcast! I have been checking for new fatcasts every now and then, and listening to old fatcasts religiously—I must have heard every single one of them at least 3 times each by now.

    I’m so excited! Squeee-e-e-e-e!

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